Credit Repair

Your Credit Score Could Be Costing You Money

If you want to get the best possible interest rate on an upcoming loan, we recommend that you repair your credit first. We have partnered with the most effective and reputable company in the credit repair industry, Lexington Law, in order to help you get the results you need.

Trusted Leaders in Credit Repair

Our partner, Lexington Law:

  • Has a skilled team of lawyers and paralegals
  • Is the #1 ranked credit repair company
  • Has over 500,000 active clients
  • Removes over 10,000,000 negative items for their customers each year
  • Knows the law

See What our clients are saying

“I’m only not going to lie, I lost hope. I have hope now because of Lexington Law giving me that second shot and helping me repair my credit in such a short time.“ — Brittany, California

“This company is wonderful. They are constantly sending out letters on my behalf. They have been able to get several items removed from credit report as well.” — William, Utah

“I used Lexington Law many years ago. They worked fast, straightened out everything, especially claims on credit reports with my name spelled different ways, updated & corrected resolved issues not corrected resolved issues with creditors. I highly recommend them.” — Judith, Georgia

How Credit Repair Works

If questionable negative items are hurting your credit, removing them can improve your score. Here is how it’s done:

1. Analyze
Our Credit Repair partner works with you to identify any questionable negative items hurting your score.

2. Address
Our partner challenges those negative items with the bureaus and your creditors.

3. Accelerate
Our partner keeps the process going, helping you to reach your credit goals.

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